Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp & Keylogger supported on Non-Rooted phones

Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp & Keylogger supported on Non-Rooted phones

The Real Need to Spy on Twitter

Twitter Spy isn't just one of those things you can avoid anymore. In order to ensure that you keep the most valuable elements in your life safe, it's a necessary step to take. For parents the most important thing in their lives is keeping their teen secure, while employers do well when they ensure that their productivity stays in an upward trajectory.

What's the harm in a few Tweets ?

A considerable amount of damage can stem from Twitter use. The rate at which the social media network has expanded is nothing short of phenomenal. However, its expansion has been coupled with misuse and a bulk of other problems. Both parents and employers are the two categories of people worst hit. And both of them need to keep a more watchful eye than anyone else.

Teens that tweet

From hidden tweets that parents can't see to disastrous socializing with complete strangers – Twitter is not a place you should let your child run free. But like any other social media site, there's no point in pulling out a big bad ban on Twitter. The best you can do is keep your children safe by installing certain tools to monitor their activity. Some of the most alarming facts about Twitter include:

Employees on Facebook: not a good match !

Twitter has literally taken over the work place – and not in a good way. If you were worried about your employees wasting time on Twitter before, you should multiply that by another 700 to get to the actual amount they're wasting now. Tweets travel faster and cause much worse damage – an employee tweeting slanderous information or leaking data that is meant to be kept secure can hit a firm where it hurts the most. Check out the stats on what your employees are up to on Twitter:

Twitter spy is slowly becoming the only solution one has to a booming social media environment. The growth of these networks cannot be contained; however, with some effort it is possible to control their negative consequences.